GP Training Resources

This is a collected Resource for the Trainers of Barking and Havering Trainers Group

The following  powerpoint tutorials resources are available

Dermatology quiz - and tutorial  - Dr M Feldman  - A resource showing common and more unsusual skin diseases makes a fun tutorial    Common Skin Diseases - vut NB its 3 Mb in size so takes about 2 min on broadband to download

Show your registar how to go about  Choosing a practice with Dr P Feldman

Two views on EVIDENCE BASED MEDICINE and Clinical Governance from Dr S Newell and Dr Mark Feldman respecively

Manage the Top 10 in-flight medical emergencies with Dr P Feldman

Learn about TRAVEL MEDICINE  with Dr P Feldman and Vaccines with Dr Yasin


Cardiovascular disease in menMaking it happen! NSF pt1 

Making it happen! NSF pt 2   Sue Neil

Coronary heart disease - A simple overview for lay people?


NSF Diabetes 2002 and endocrinology Dr P Feldman

 Diabetic Challenges in Primary Care

Definitions Childhood diabetes PowerPoint Presentation PowerPoint Presentation PowerPoint Presentation

5 power point presentations on diabetes from Sue Neil at North Street 

Alcohol Related problems Dr P Feldman ( nov 07)

Antenatal care - Dr P Feldman

Antibiotic Guidelines - Sue Neil

Anxiety Dr P Feldman ( nov 07)

Anorexia Dr P Feldman ( nov 07)

ASTHMA - Dr P Feldman

Bipoplar Disorder Dr P Feldman ( dec 07)

Bread and Butter Statistics 09 Dr S Newell Supporting PDF files re stats and this and this

Choosing a practice - Dr P Feldman

Child Protection 1 Child Progection 2 Child Death Word Doc examples

COPD - Dr Ahmad

Britsh General Practice - Dr M Feldman

Becoming a GP ( Kegs talk ) Dr M Feldman

Benefits - from the benefits agency

Beyond VTS 2010 ( Dr David Derby )

Chronic Disease Management in primary care - Sue Neil

Complementary Medicine - Dr Dinesh Sirisena

 Consultation grid of different models of the consultation PowerPoint Presentation

 A word document about different consultation models to go with above Title

Consultation Silverman Summary of Cambridge Calvery method by Dr M Feldman (word doc )

COPD - Dr Ahmed

Critical Reading 09 Dr S Newell

The consultation Sivlerman (a powerpoint summary )

Consultation Models - Dr Newell

Consultation Models - ( Word doc ) Dr Newell

CSA - notes for candidates (word doc )

CSA Marking sheet ( word doc ) for use with CSA cases Dr M Metcalfe

nMRCGP 2009 [ Dr M Feldman]

CSA cases ( cases for practice sessions)

CSA - powerpoint from RCGP


Eportfolio RCGP

Complaints Dr Saunderson ( 2010)

Contraception with Dr P Feldman

Contraception Dr S Bond (2010)

COPD - Dr P Feldman

Choose and Book - Dr Burak

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Dr P Feldman ( dec 07)

Critical Reading with Dr S Newell PowerPoint Presentation

Delerium in old people Dr P Feldman (dec 07 )

Diabetes Study Day (Dr John Tuppen )(Nov 08) presentations below

Steno2 presentation Steno2 pdf informatioin Partners in care pdf ,Vision for primary and community care pdf

Presentations on diabetes , Diabetes for nurses conference ppt , Is diabetes complicated ppt , care plannind in diabetes pdf

Dementia Dr P Feldman (dec 07)

Depression Maryam Naeem 09

Diabetes in primary care 11Dr S Newell

Diabetes in pregnancy 11 Dr Chakaravaty

Disability 2010 Elizabeth Howard

Dizziness Jan09 Mr Paul Chatrath

Dyspepsia  Dr S NewellPowerPoint Presentation

Eczema Dr P Feldman (nov 07)

Data Protection Act  - Mrs Bobbie Pryke Enforcement

Ethics Series Abortion , AMAOath, Code of Hammurabi , Human tissue act , Medical Ethics vts , Modern Hippocratic oath , Termination Debate , Hippocratic oath , Timothy McVeigh Dr S Newell 2008

Ethics lecture Dr Goyal

 Interpretating the EGC Slide 1    PowerPoint Presentation - Dr S Newell

Emergenceies in General practice PowerPoint Presentation - Dr S Newell

Emergencies  ppt Dr P Feldman with accompanying word document Emergencies

ENT Dr P Feldman

ENT Emergengies Jan 09 Mr Paul Chatrath

ENT throat problems - Dr Kotecha


Euthanasia Debate Dr Bates

Euthanasia Debate Dr M Feldman

Failure to Thrive Causes Leyam

Family Planning - new methods and requirements 2010

Feverish Child Dr P Feldman (jan 08)

Fitness to Fly Dr P Feldman

Genetics Dr P Feldman ( feb 08)

Genetics - GOS update 2010

Heart Failure- Evidence for use of ace inhibitors & betablockers

Heart Failure NICE - 09 Dr John Barker

HIV - presentations 10 at Brentwood Awayday


HRT 2011 ( Dr S Bond)

Hrt quiq

Hypertension Guidelines 2011 Dr Haq

Management of Stress - Dr M Feldman

Headache ( Tension type ) Dr P Feldman (jan 08)

Health after work - Retirement seminar how to stay healthy in old age 

 Hypertension 2 presentationsPowerPoint Presentation PowerPoint Presentation Dr S Newell

Hypnotherapy - Dr M Feldman

Infertility - Dr M Feldman

Introduction to GPVTS 2009 Dr Sylvia Bond

Introduction to GPVTS 2011 Dr Sylvia Bond

LARC update Dr Kalkat word document

Learning Styles - Dr M Feldman

Learning opportunities for registrars 2011 ( A list of clinics and other ideas )

Mental Capacity act Dr P Feldman ( March 08)

Menstrual bleeding - heavy Dr P Feldman ( Dec 07)

Menorrhagia NICE 09

The Consulting Skills Component: The Video

10 - Mancheter rating scales - word document

Nervous system

NEW GMS CONTRACT - Linda at North Street PowerPoint Presentation

Welcome to the new NHS contract Slide 1 Dr S Newell

Occupational Medicine Health Screening - Dr M Feldman

Opthalmology Dr P Feldman


Osteoarthritis NICE 09

Palliative Care ( hospice 2008) A series of resources focussing on pain management Dr Corinna Midgley -

Pain cases and cost of care , Pain Cases, Handouts for case quiz , and word docs - Syringe driver authorization , Clinical guidelines managment , Opiod conversion chart

Paediatrics - Dr P Feldman ( Apr 08)

Paediactric case analysis - Dr Natasha Quader

Papers that changed my practice Dr S Newell PowerPoint Presentation PowerPoint Presentation

Partnership Agreements - Dr P Feldman

Polycystic Ovary syndrome document

Prostatic Hypertrophy Dr P Feldman ( dec 08)

Psychiatric Risk Assessment Dr Sarah Foster

Women's problems in General Practice Dr P Feldman

Powerpoint presentations - how do to them Dr M Feldman

Practice based commissioning - Dr Burak

New GP Contract

Registrar Allocation Dr M Feldman

RTI Nice 09

Secondary prevention of MI

Sensible teenage drinking Slide 1 Dr S Newell

Significant event analysis PowerPoint Presentation and form on which to record them Significant Event Analysis Dr S Newell

Sorting symptoms - Dr P Feldman

Statistics Dr S Newell

Statistics 2 Dr S Newell

Statistics Resource Dr S Newesll 2012 1,2,3,4,5, 6

Stats word doc 1 Dr S Newell

Stats word doc 2 Dr S Newell

Substance Misuse - Dr P Feldman ( mar 08)

Transitional GP Scheme Dr M Feldman


 Video assessmentSummative Assessment Katherine Wiseheart

UTI in children Dr P Feldman ( Dec 07)

Vomiting and Diarrhoea Under 5 [ Dr Maria Cardona ]

Writing Reports Dr P Feldman (Dec 07)

Useful Forms




REGIONAL CRITERIA FOR Trainer selection criteria


Trainee presentations 2009






Febrile illness in children




Urinary Incontinence

UTi in children

Multicultural Day 2009

Buddhism in Medicine

Cultural Issues

Cultural issues do's and donts

Developing family medicine






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